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Dragonfly Books


Dragonfly is our series for 7-10 year olds set in Wales. Dragonfly stories are funny, fantastical, scary, exciting and full of adventure. 

We love them and we hope you will too. Download our Dragonfly leaflet (English) (Cymraeg)


Dragonfly titles

Grace-Ella: Spells for Beginners by Sharon Marie Jones  

Elen's Island by Eloise Williams 

Steve's Dreams: Steve and the Sabretooth Tiger by Dan Anthony

Steve and the Singing Pirates by Dan Anthony

Dragon Gold by Shoo Rayner

Dragon White by Shoo Rayner

Dragon Red by Shoo Rayner

Pete and the Five-a-Side Vampires by Malachy Doyle

Read a Q&A with Malachy Doyle

Mr Mahli's Shed by Laura Sheldon

Dottie Blanket and the Hilltop by Wendy Meddour

Arthur and Me by Sarah Todd Taylor

Read a Q&A with Sarah Todd Taylor

Thimble Monkey Superstar by Jon Blake, illustrated by Martin Chatterton

Thimble Holiday Havoc by Jon Blake, illustrated by Martin Chatterton

Read our Q&A with Jon Blake


Teacher's Packs

Why not try our new game - Bubble Trouble?

Make your very own Steve's Dream's bookmark?  

Try our Mr Mahli's Shed fact or fiction cards or poetry puzzle.