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Firefly Press submissions guidelines

Firefly submissions

Firefly Press publishes quality children’s fiction for ages 5-19. In these different age groups:
  • We only rarely publish books in the 5-7 first reader category, where we really fall in love with the idea. We are not the right publisher for long series for this age group.
  • For 7-9 year olds, we publish our Dragonfly series, where we look for stories of 8-15,000 words.
  • For 9-12s, we are looking outstanding original fiction, either stand alone books or series.
  • For 12+ teen and YA readers, we again look for outstanding original fiction, either stand alone books or series. 
While we welcome fiction set in Wales, we are equally interested in books set in any other country or another world, and any time, past, present or future, and we are keen to tell as varied and diverse a selection of stories as we can.  
There are certain types of books we do not publish, so we would ask you not to submit them to us, however excellent your project. We say this only to save you disappointment:
  • We do not publish any poetry collections for children by a single poet. 
  • We do not publish picture books or any colour illustrated titles.
  • We are not currently considering any non-fiction projects not submitted from an agent.
  • We do not publish any fiction aimed at adults or drama of any kind. 
How to submit:
  • Please send us your work as a Word document attachment to an email to
  • Please send the first three chapters or the first 3,000 words, whichever is more appropriate for your project.
  • Please include a synopsis of the whole book (maximum 500 words) and a short covering letter about yourself and your project. Please make sure your synopsis includes the word count for the whole book.
  • Please make sure that you include your post address and phone number as well as your email as contact information.
  • We can only consider scripts submitted in English.
  • Please do not submit scripts until the whole book is written and polished. We do not evaluate partially written projects for advice or consider pitches for books that are not yet written.  
  • All stories must be your own original work, where you own the copyright and publishing rights. We do not consider work based on another author’s work or clearly inspired by another story that is in copyright.
We will close for submissions again on 28 September 2018.  We will do our best to deal with all submissions as quickly as we can but we do not promise when you will hear, as it depends on how many submissions we receive.
Please bear in mind that we are a small press publishing ten books a year, so we only take on a very small number of new authors. We are sorry but we are not able to offer any feedback or advice on stories we decide not to accept. 
Editor’s note:  If you have submitted to us in the past and not received an answer we apologise very sincerely for that.  We hope that this new method of handling submissions will work more effectively for everyone. Thank you to all authors willing for us to consider your work. Firefly Editor, Janet Thomas.