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The Flying Bedroom

by Heather Dyer The Flying Bedroom

Illustrated by Chloe Douglass

£5.99 Buy now from the Firefly BuzzShop

Selected for the Toppsta Summer Reading Guide 2017

Elinor's bedroom looks ordinary. But it's not. When Elinor is asleep, her bedroom can fly...

Elinor never knows where she'll wake up. A tropical island, in a theatre show, helping pirates, on the moon...  


Elinor lay awake for a long time, watching snowflakes flurrying like moths around the streetlights. But eventually she closed her eyes and slept. And while she slept, her bedroom flew.

Round and round and up and down went Elinor's bedroom. Snowflakes swirled overhead. A balled-up sock rolled off the edge of Elinor's bedroom and was lost forever. One of Elinor's drawings blew off the wall and was carried up, up and away...  And then down, down, down went Elinor's bedroom until with a bump! and a long slow slide, it stopped.

Elinor opened her eyes. Her bedroom ceiling and her outside wall had disappeared and the sky was crowded with snowflakes. Elinor put on her rabbit slippers and her dressing gown and went to the edge of her bedroom. The snow was falling thickly. 'Hello?' she called. 'Is anyone there?'



'a lovely tale to read again and again' Toppsta review

'perfect for bedtime stories … all of my children enjoyed this book and the stories were just the right length to keep them interested! On the nights that we read this book I'm sure the kids' dreams were full of adventures!' Toppsta review

'a lovely book, with really great illustrations' Toppsta review