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Three Strikes

Young Adult

£7.99 publishing 11 October order now

A chilling collection of three novellas from YA authors Lucy Christopher, Kat Ellis and Rhian Ivory.

'YA as it should be - dangerous, dark and daring. I loved it.'  CJ Skuse
A red eye blinks in the darkness; a hidden door opens to a lost crypt; a life is held in the light of a flickering flame - welcome to Three Strikes.
Step into the unknown world of The Tribe with Kasha in THE DARKNESS by Lucy Christopher; be entranced by the ghostly voices of THE TWINS OF BLACKFIN by Kat Ellis, or lose yourself in a haunting retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Match Girl' - MATCHGIRL by Rhian Ivory. Whether you like your stories dark or darker, Three Strikes is the perfect under-the-covers read! 
Praise for Three Strikes:
'Three unsettling but thoroughly compelling new stories from the Grand High Witches of thrilling YA, this is a veritable bubbling cauldron of mystery, mischievousness and mayhem. YA as it should be – dangerous, dark and daring. I loved it.' CJ Skuse
'A compulsive, addictive read. I was hooked from page one. Chilling and eerie - a must!' Dawn Kurtagich
'Three deeply compelling, dark tales that twist and snare the imagination. Three tales of love, loss, heartache and page turning mystery.' Jenniely
'Mysterious, intriguing and chilling. This is a fab collection for anyone who likes their tales just a little bit twisted… Three Strikes is perfect reading for long winter-evenings.' Elen Caldecott
''The Darkness' by Lucy Christopher is such a beautiful story - mysterious, exciting, deeply emotional and with a rare spiritual depth. It stays in the mind like a prayer.' Melvin Burgess
''The Darkness': A raw tale, reminiscent of Black Mirror, with compelling characters stranded in a stark landscape, all bound together in gritty, gripping writing.' Joanna Nadin
''Matchgirl' by Rhian Ivory is a tingling, winter storm of a story! Nia and Sol, ice and sunlight, loss and finding, the fragile flame of matchlight hope, and the music that holds them all.' Hilary McKay