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Fug and the Thumps

Malachy Doyle
ISBN: 9781910080689

But I knew what it meant. I knew what would happen every day now, from as soon as I set foot on the bus. The same as before, only worse, because I’d tried to stand up to them. So I’d no choice but to get up in the night, steal £140 quid from Dad, and go. Which is how I ended up here, about fifty miles away, splashing about in the water.

In this gripping ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ adventure story from award-winning Malachy Doyle, Ben, bullied by the dreaded Fug and the Thumps, runs away from home. But he soon finds himself stuck on a tiny island of holiday homes. He has to survive on the things he can scavenge from the empty holiday homes and work out a way to get rescued. Can he get home?