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Behind Closed Doors

Miriam Halahmy

Age 13+

Publishing 12 July 2018

£7.99 order here


Fifteen year olds Tasha and Josie are near-neighbours. But when their families let them down, they find themselves unlikely allies in a battle for survival. Josie’s mum is ‘saving the planet’ by collecting most of it, but her house is no longer safe for her own daughter. Tasha has all the clothes and kit a girl could want, but feels increasingly unnerved by her mother’s new boyfriend. Both girls turn to each other for help when they find themselves on the brink of being made homeless. Behind Closed Doors examines what it means to love and be loved and how to make a life when there is no security at home. 
Praise for Behind Closed Doors:
‘This novel moves at a breathless pace ... Miriam Halahmy successfully uses a light touch with this dark material. I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ Anne Cassidy
‘A gritty, moving and seldom told story about life for vulnerable young adults on the brink of homelessness seeking comfort and friendship in each other.’ Sita Brahmachari