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For our 23rd Firefly Christmas Book Advent, Janet Thomas sings the praises of one of the highlights of Firefly’s list in 2017, the YA novel Hope by Rhian Ivory: 

It's the summer before sixth-form college. When Hope doesn't get into drama college, and her friends do, all her plans fall apart. She's struggling with grief for her father and a sense that her own body is against her. A chance meeting with an attractive Irish guy on a ferry and a summer job with the Singing Medicine group at Birmingham Children's Hospital force her to rethink, but it won't be easy.  
This beautiful novel from Rhian Ivory is about finding your voice and having the courage to ask for help. When things seem to be all over, it might be just the beginning.
As you’ll see from this description, one of the main inspirations for the novel was Singing Medicine at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and I’d like to take this chance to thank the staff at Birmingham Hospital and the Ex Cathedra Singing Medcine team, who helped me so much with the editorial work on the book, checking the text for accuracy at incredible speed, always with such generosity and enthusiasm. They really were remarkable. This amazing group of women singers also came to the launch at Waterstones in Birmingham and sang a song all about hope.  It was such a special moment and a highlight of 2017 for us - thank you to them. 
You can get a glimpse of their wonderful work in this short film here. It will put a smile on your face!