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Magic & Wonder Christmas Super Bundle

ISBN: 978-1-910080-90-0

Wishes granted by Firefly Press


Magic & Wonder Christmas Bundle £18 including post and packing (RRP £29.95) includes:

Grace-Ella: Spells for Beginners by Sharron Marie Jones, illustrated by Adriana J Puglisi (age 7+ £5.99)

Mr Mahli’s Shed and a Ghost Named Dylan by Laura Sheldon, illustrated by Huw Aaron (age 7+ £5.99)

The Flying Bedroom by Heather Dyer, illustrated by Chloe Douglass (age 5+ £5.99)

Steve's Dreams: Steve and the Sabretooth Tiger by Dan Anthony, illustrated by Huw Aaron (age 7+ £5.99)

Steve and the Singing Pirates by Dan Anthony, illustrated by Huw Aaron (age 7+ £5.99)

Order before 15 December to arrive in time for Christmas