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The Territory: Truth

Sarah Govett


publishing March 2018


Limited Space requires Limited Numbers. Noa and Raf have found Jack, but at great personal cost. They must get back into the Territory and let people know what is happening. But how can they even scale the eletric, gun-turreted fence, let alone fight the fake news of the Territory authorities?

Praise for The Territory series, The Territory and The Territory: Escape:

‘Truly heart wrenching! ... the 1984 of our time’ The Guardian online

Listed in the Telegraph’s Best YA Books of 2015, Martin Chilton: ‘pacy dystopian fantasy thriller’

Shortlisted for the Trinity Schools Book Award (TSBA) 2018

‘Gripping dystopia with a keen political edge.’ Imogen Russell Williams, Metro

‘A truly exceptional novel’ BookTrust

‘thrilling and thought-provoking’ The Times

‘powerful and shocking’ Childen’s Books Ireland

‘a terrific book. It simply is.’ Bookwitch

‘brilliant’ Teen Librarian/Matt Imrie

‘Brilliantly plotted, utterly gripping’ Gemma Malley (The Declaration)