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Rhian Ivory
ISBN: 978-1910080627

Beautiful YA drama from the Carnegie nominated author of The Boy who Drew the Future

Plan Bs are for people who fail.

I just never,

not once,

not even for a tiny moment thought I would need one.

It's the summer before sixth-form college. When Hope doesn't get into drama college, and her friends do, all her plans fall apart. She's struggling with grief for her father and sense that her own body is against her. A chance meeting on a ferry and a summer job with the Singing Medicine group force her to rethink, but it won't be easy.  

This beautiful novel from Rhian Ivory is about finding your voice and having the courage to ask for help.  

When things seem to be all over, it might be just the beginning.

'A wonderful, believable read. Hope is an honest and powerful voice that will speak to many.' Eve Ainsworth

'Real characters to root for, laugh with, cry for, and a subject that should be more widely shared.' Joanna Nadin