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The Martian Girl

Paul Magrs
ISBN: 9781910080443

Second in the Lora Trilogy from Paul Magrs, September 2016 

Apparently safe in the City Inside, Lora becomes suspicious of its human/Martian authorities. But then she gets the chance to join their expedition to the Martian plains to find Grandma’s friend Ruby, survivor of the old Earth starships. When their flying saucer crash-lands Lora must lead on through deadly adventures. They find Ruby but she’s changed, and admits to abandoning Lora’s Ma and sister Hannah to an ancient and dangerous Martian spirit. Horrified, Lora sets out again, to try to save her family. 

Second in the Martian trilogy which started with Lost on Mars (2015), The Martian Girl takes us deep into the heart of the adventures of Lora and her family on the red Martian prairie, which started in the old wooden homestead near Our Town and took them through terrifying adventures with Martian Ghosts, Shadow Beasts and Lizard Birds ,into the weird and wonderful world of the City Inside where they meet the sinister Dean Swiftnick and his Remembering Machine.

'Part of an exciting new wave of science fiction sweeping children's literature...' SF Said, author of Phoenix.