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Extract from 'Fern Hill' by Dylan Thomas

Here are the first eight haunting lines from ‘Fern Hill’, a poem by Dylan Thomas.

Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs
About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green,
The night above the dingle starry,
Time let me hail and climb
Golden in the heydays of his eyes,
And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple towns
And once below a time I lordly had the trees and leaves
Trail with daisies and barley
Down the rivers of the windfall light.


Teachers use the grid below to help your pupils explore the words of Dylan Thomas. Pairs of children can work together, using enlarged version of our grid, to explore the words of Dylan Thomas and make their own poems by mixing up words from one of his most famous poems. Click on the grid to get a printable pdf version.

Poetry challenge: can you include any poetic techniques in these lines, such as alliteration, assonance, rhyme or repetition? 

And try this: find one word you like. Find another word to go with it. When you have built several phrases like this, try putting them together. Keep reading aloud with your partner and changing the order until you think it sounds interesting or paints a picture.