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Home » Younger Readers » Mr Mahli's Shed and a ghost name Dylan

Mr Mahli's Shed activities

Take a look at these specially created activites to acompany Mr Mahl's Shed and a ghost named Dylan by Laura Sheldon.

Famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, whose ghost Tomos and Alys discover in their neighbour Mr Mahli's shed, was born in Swansea a hundred years ago and is still much-loved today. Here are some fun ways for you to find about more about him and his wonderful poetry.

'Fern Hill' is one of Dylan's most famous poems. Read the first few lines, and try our 'Fern Hill' activities.

Fact or fiction. There's a lot of tall tales about Dylan Thomas. Can you tell the real from the rubbish? Take a look at our Dylan Thomas fact or fiction cards.

Teachers/group leaders: Try out our Dylan Thomas workshop

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